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Du producteur au consommateur, découvrez nos épices de Madagascar

Our products

Our vanilla pods are 100% natural, cultivated by our local producers in SAVA, a city in the northeast of Madagascar, whose hot and humid climate is ideal for the development of vanilla trees.


We control the entire production and routing process: from harvest to export, including packaging. Beyond quality control, this mastery of each step allows us to adapt the quantities to the needs of our customers, professionals and individuals.


We are able to offer a wide choice of varieties for professionals: Bourbon gourmet vanilla, red vanilla, cuts, split and unsplit vanilla, vanilla powder, vanilla seeds, etc.


We offer our private customers high-end black or "Bourbon" vanilla. This highly fragrant unsplit vanilla is ideal for cooking and baking.

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About Us

Pontiac Vanilla is a company specializing in the production and export of high quality Bourbon vanilla.


We ensure all stages of production, from the harvest of vanilla pods on our SAVA site in northeastern Madagascar, to the dispatch of the order, through preparation, packaging and storage of products.


This control over the entire production chain is a real guarantee of quality for our customers.


Pontiac Vanilla is aimed at both professionals (manufacturers, spice sellers, restaurants, hotels, pastry-bakers) and individuals, with the ability to adapt the quantities according to their needs.


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