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Product: Ceylon cinnamon powder

Ingredient: Ceylon cinnamon

Origin: Madagascar

Year production: 2020

Weight: From 500 gr

Price for 100g : 4,59€


Ceylon cinnamon is the top of the range cinnamon also known as "real cinnamon", having several very sensitive bark canapes that are beige brown in color. It is visually distinguished by its color and the formation of its thin layers from the other 3 varieties of cinnamon called "false cinnamon" "Casse cinnamon" or Chinese cinnamon produced on an industrial scale. Our Ceylon cinnamon does not come from a production but artisanal, it is produced in small quantities.

Ceylon cinnamon is the cinnamon you need to infuse your dishes. This very old spice used in traditional dishes but also in gastronomy due to its unique flavors and recognizable among other spices guarantees you a dish worthy of great chefs.


Ceylon’s cinnamon powder is well known around the world for its benefits for health and the huge role it plays in global gastronomy. Almost all chefs use it to flavor fruit-based desserts, cakes and more.

Ceylon’s cinnamon is remarkable for its bewitching scent and exceptional flavor; it is still used and admired all over the world, especially by chocolate and traditional dishes lovers, it’s different of Indonesian cinnamon with his unique flavor.

500g Ceylon cinnamon powder from Madagascar

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