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The production

Growing vanilla requires patience, thoroughness and experience. Manual pollination is a delicate operation carried out flower by flower and consists in marrying the male and female organs by pinching them gently. Vanilla does not flower until 3 years after planting and it is still necessary to wait 8 months for the pod to mature before harvesting it.


The pods are then scalded, steamed, dried in the sun for two weeks depending on weather conditions, flattened by hand, then dried in the shade for 8 months, and finally graded.


We master all the stages of production of bourbon vanilla, from the collection of pods to the sending of the order, through the preparation, packaging and storage of products.


We ensure the delivery of our vanilla via our export company Jean Louis Lo Tsu SARL which has been operating in Sambava Madagascar for several years.


Our control over production is a real guarantee of quality for our customers. In addition, this allows us to offer advantageous prices.


The pods are kept in well-covered wooden crates to preserve the aroma and prevent mold.


The pods sold to individuals on Amazon are delivered in glass tubes (5 pods per tube) allowing to keep the natural scent of vanilla and a better conservation of the pods.


Products that come to professionals are packaged in paraffin paper to preserve their aromas and packed in a protective carton.

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