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Product:  Black pepper

Ingredient: Black pepper seed dry

Origin: Madagascar

Year production: 2020

Weight: From 1kg

Price for 100g : 3,50€


Madagascar black pepper also called "Dipoivatra" is a type of peppercorn which is cultivated by the Malagasy people, unlike wild pepper. It is characterized by its black color, its exceptional aroma, and its reasonable spiciness. This type of pepper has a mixture of different flavors (delicate, hot and spicy) with lemony and woody notes.


The Use of Madagascar Pepper in cooking:

These miraculous little black grains are often used with white meats, gratins, or simply in a salad! It is recommended to use it for all savory dishes. You can add a peppery note in your homemade drinks such as arranged rum.

  • Perfect for daily health due to its Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Can be used as a remedy for coughs and colds.
  • These peppers would get better with time!
  • Persists in the mouth and adapts to all savory dishes.
  • Ideal for garnishing meats.

1kg Black pepper from Madagascar

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