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Product : kaffir lime powder

Ingredient: Madagascar Combava

Origin : Madagascar

Year production: 2020

Weight : From 500 gr

Price for 100g : 8,36€



The Kaffir lime is full of subtle and powerful flavor; sometimes it is transformed into powder by grinding its leaves in order to facilitate its use. The kaffir lime powder is generally found in Asia and more precisely the Island of Bali, Archipelago of the Probe, and recently in the Island of Madagascar with an extremely large production due to the increase of its uses in the European gastronomy.

In the kitchen, powdered kaffir lime is often used by great chefs around the world in different kinds of dishes and even in pastry. It can easily be found in main dishes and desserts in top restaurants. It has a very complex and powerful citrus taste with a very fragrant odor due to its natural oils. Then, the aftertaste is slightly bitter.

So, how do you use the kaffir lime powder?

You can use Kaffir lime powder everywhere, in your fried vegetables, with your fish in order to flavor them, as well as desserts (Pastries, fruit salad, etc.) it can be also used to flavor your soups, your marinades, and much more!

Finally, we advise you to try it due to its remarkable taste and also its health properties, because this product has several medicinal virtues. Nowadays, it is considered to be a natural antibiotic and anti inflammatory.

Why to choose our Kaffir lime powder?

  • The kaffir lime leaf powder comes from the south of Madagascar.
  • QUALITY-PRICE RATIO - Enjoy quality of the kaffir lime powder natural of Madagascar high quality little price.
  • 100% NATURAL - Enrich the taste of your drinks and dishes with this powedered kaffir lime. These black pods contain no artificial preservatives, chemicals or additives.
  • PERFECT FOR COOKING AND BAKING - Use this kaffir lime powder. Use this product to season all your dishes, flavor your sauces, and much more!
  • A unique taste experience!
  • A splendid taste and a very powerful smell.
  • Excellent for body.
  • A citrus flavor and fragrance.
  • Good for tisane, health properties

500g Zest of Combava powder from Madagascar

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