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  • Product : Red vanilla beans US type/ EUROPE Type split and no split

    Harvest : 2020

    Lengh : 13 to 20 centimeters

    Ingredient : Red vanilla beans US and EUROPE Types

    Weight : Depend vanilla bean lengh

    Colour : Chocolate to red

    Vanilline rate: 1,4 à 1,8%

    Moisture rate : 18 à 30 %

    Origin : Madagascar (Région SAVA)

    Producer: Pontiac Vanilla

    Conservation: Parrafin

    Exporter with license



    Are you looking for quality US-type or European-type red vanilla?


    We are able to supply you with US type and European type red vanilla beans, split and unsplit for extracting, powdering or infusing beverages such as arranged rums.


    You can order up to 20 kg online directly and without a quote. For an order greater than 20 kg, we invite you to contact us to obtain a personalized estimate and the quotation of the shipping costs.

    Red vanilla pods type Europe and Us from Madagascar per kg

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