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  • Product : Vanilla powder without added sugar

    Harvest : 2020

    Granulometry: 400 microns

    Ingredient : Whole dehydrated red bourbon vanilla beans and cuts split and no split

    Colour: Chocolate

    Vanillin rate: 1,2 à 2 %

    Moisture rate : 5 à 10  %

    Origin : Madagascar (Région SAVA)

    Producer: Pontiac Vanilla

    Conservation: Parrafin

    Exporter with license


    Are you looking for top quality vanilla powder to enrich your dishes, sauces and desserts?

    You can order up to 20 kg online directly and without a quote. For an order greater than 20 kg, we invite you to contact us to obtain a personalized estimate and the quotation of the shipping costs.


    Our premium vanilla powder is made from whole dehydrated split and unsplit red bourbon vanilla pods and cuts. Concerned about the quality of our powder and in accordance with the regulations in force, we do not use exhausted vanilla or so-called extracted vanilla or “bekorontsana” vanilla: immature vanilla, which is contrary to our quality policy and transparency. By choosing our premium vanilla powder, you are assured of getting the best quality vanilla powder from Madagascar. Our presence to Madagascar through our production and export company, allows us to control the production process, from the collect of pods, to drying, preparation, packaging and export guarantees you meticulous quality. Pontiac Vanilla has no middleman in the production of its vanilla powder and gourmet black vanilla beans. The control of the production process chain is a guarantee of quality for our partners.


    Improve the quality of your dishes with bourbon vanilla powder from Madagascar.


    Create culinary masterpieces with these premium Madagascan bourbon vanilla premium powder made only  whole red vanilla beans and cuts all cultivated, originating and produced in Madagascar under strict quality and safety standards.


    Total control of the production process, collection, preparation, packaging for export allows us to offer you high quality natural vanilla powder at an affordable price because we are the producer.


    Their full, creamy taste and savory fragrance make them an excellent addition to your custards, puddings, yoghurts, ice creams, sauces, and cakes.


    Here are more reasons to choose vanilla powder:

    ✅ The phytosanitary certificate guarantees year of Harvest 2020

    ✅ Easy to use

    ✅ A perfect gift for foodies, spice lovers and pastry chefs


    Infuse your dishes with the true queen of spices powder. Add Pontiac Vanilla to your cart TODAY!

    Premium vanilla powder from Madagascar in kg

    • ✅ PREMIUM POWDER - These vanilla powder made with whole red vanilla beans come from the SAVA region in the northeast of Madagascar. They are grown by trusted farmers using natural methods.


      ✅ QUALITY-PRICE RATIO - Enjoy superior vanilla powder quality vanilla without spending a fortune with wholesale price. We have no middleman in the production process so that we can provide you with high quality vanilla powder at a reasonable price.


      ✅ 100% NATURAL - Enrich the taste of your drinks and dishes with these vanilla powder premium. These premium vanilla powder no contain no artificial preservatives, chemicals or additives.


      ✅ PREPARED AND PACKAGED WITH CARE - We take care of all stages of production, collection, preparation, up to packaging. You will receive vanilla powder direct producer to preserve the taste and fragrance and to protect from transport.


      ✅ PERFECT FOR COOKING AND BAKING - Use these vanilla powder premium quality to bring out the best taste in your dishes. Bake delicious cakes and cookies, tasty puddings, sauces, and much more!

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