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Product: Wild pepper (Voatsiperifery)

Ingredient: Voatsiperifery

Origin: Madagascar

Year picking: 2020

Weight: From 500 gr

Price for 100g : 7,99€


You are looking for a pepper that is mild in spice and with a rich and intense smell, you are lucky that we have the most famous wild pepper in the world! Madagascan wild pepper is one of the emblematic products of Madagascar because of its taste properties such as its cultural and health properties.


Around the world, it is considered the most used due to its various types of use, we suggest you to use it in for both sweet and savory recipes and enjoy its unique and deep flavors.

Let yourself be tempted by our high quality of wild pepper from Red Island to enhance your dishes and desserts.


Use of Madagascar pepper in cooking:

  • Fish and red meat.
  • Desserts, particularly fruit-based.
  • Steamed vegetables.
  • Give an original note to your arranged rums

500g Wild pepper from Madagascar (Voatsiperifery)

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