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  • Product: Cocoa bean

    Ingredient:  Cocoa beans dry

    Origin: Madagascar

    Year production: 2020

    Weight: From 500 gr

    Price for 100g : 5,99€



    Cocoa bean from Madagascar, it is the seed of the cocoa tree which is generally found in several different countries in the world.  Madagascar which is a new producer (since 1900) of cocoa has the finest quality and throughout the years, it becomes well-known by its cocoa bean. Our cocoa bean comes from Madagascar which is often sought after by the chocolate makers around the world. Quite simply, the cocoa bean in Madagascar is almost like an institution, raw flavor, and more than a cocoa!


    You can use for your arranged rum.


    PERFECT FOR COOKING AND BAKING - Use this product to bring out the best taste in your dishes. Make your own chocolate, Taste the best quality cocoa bean around the world and much more!


    • Number 01 worldwide in the chocolate industry.
    • Excellent for your sweets, savory, and dessert dishes.
    • A special opportunity to make your favorite chocolate.

    500g Unroasted cocoa beans from Madagascar

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