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Product: Black eyes

Ingredient:  Black eyes dry

Origin: Madagascar

Year production: 2020

Weight: From 1kg

Price for 100gr


The black eyes of Madagascar also called cowpea is a small legume slightly similar to the beans but characterized with a black spot in the center, it is well-known in African countries due to its nutritional benefits, But nowadays, it is cultivated for the purpose of exporting after the remarkable increase of the amount used in many parts of the world.


Although, black eyes of Madagascar is extremely healthy and full of benefits, it is not expensive at all, so it can provide you with a full pack of nutrients and vitamins without forgetting the great taste, at a reasonable price. In some countries like India, it is considered as a main course but in top restaurants, cooks use it as an additive in a wide variety of dishes to take advantage of its aroma, health benefits, and flavors.


Try by black eyes of Madagascar, you should look no further. We offer the real black eyes from Madagascar which is grown exactly in the Island of Madagascar and not in other African countries where the quality is not the same as Malagasy black eyesour!


Why are we the best available in the market?

  • Our black eyes comes from the south of Madagascar.
  • QUALITY-PRICE RATIO - Enjoy superior quality of the black eyes of Madagascar without spending a fortune.
  • 100% NATURAL - Enrich the taste of your drinks and dishes with these Black Eyes. These no contain artificial preservatives, chemicals or additives.
  • PERFECT FOR COOKING AND BAKING - Use these Black Eyes to bring out the best taste in your dishes. And also your dishes will be full of vitamins and minerals, and much more!

1kg Black eyes from Madagascar (La cornille)

    • Large source of vitamins and minerals.
    • Excellent quality.
    • A unique olfactory and taste experience!
    • Powerful taste with a special smell.
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