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Product:  Ceylon’s cinnamon roll

Ingredient: Ceylon’s cinnamon

Origin: Madagascar

Year production: 2020

Weight: From 500 gr

Price for 100g : 6,9€



Ceylon Cinnamon roll is one of the sweet fragrant spices; it is a very old spice that is generally used in gastronomy due to its impeccable flavors and its role in flavoring different dishes from breakfast to dinner. It gives the cook many choices of use, and it can be added to savory dishes as well as sweet dishes.


Using Ceylon’s cinnamon rolls is different but easy and very convenient; you can only add a stick in a tea cup or milk to make a cinnamon-flavored dessert cream. A very simple gesture can add benefits to your dishes and regulate your hunger!


Apart from gastronomy, the advantages of cinnamon sticks are multiple, and scientists have recently discovered that this spice can take the role of anti-inflammatory and antibiotics; as it serves to stabilize the amount of glucose in the blood and regulate the menstrual cycle, as well as the relief of the flu syndrome. In fact, it’s more than a flavoring!

Considered as the queen of desserts, Ceylon’s cinnamon roll is highly sought after by rum arranged lovers.

500g Ceylon cinnamon stick from Madagascar

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